Examination and maintenance


How do you find out what is right for you, which dental treatment is most appropriate for your needs? The answer is with a thorough examination, evaluation and diagnosis. This provides the baseline for future comparisons and is the basis for a lifetime master plan for your oral health.


The examination is a co diagnostic procedure where patient and dentist learn together. Just how healthy are your teeth, gums and oral soft tissues? What about the jaw joint? Is it functioning correctly? What about the health of the muscles that control jaw movements?

It will involve the following:

Background evaluation

Review your medical and dental history. Clarify your concerns and/or problems, and your wants and expectations.

Soft tissues

Soft tissue / oral cancer examination.


Tooth examination to check for decay, cracks, wear etc.

Periodontal Examination

Assess the plaque on your teeth and bleeding from your gums to establish a baseline record.

Perform a basic periodontal evaluation – BPE. If this shows an increased vulnerability to gum problems, then all gum crevices will be measured to check for hidden gum disease.

Condition (quality, quantity and recession level) of gum tissue.

Measurement of mobility or looseness, another sign of problems.

Are fillings or crowns causing gum irritation?

Temporomandibular joint orthopaedic examination

Palpation (pressing with finger tips) to check for inflammation.

Range of motion tests to check jaw movements.

Muscle examination (sore muscles can be a cause of headaches and jaw fatigue)

Palpation (pressing) of all muscle groups both within and outside the mouth for any signs of discomfort or tension.

Occlusal (bite) examination (bite problems can be a cause dental problems)

Check if all teeth touch equally (engineering check).

Check how teeth slide over one another when jaw moves in all directions.


Full mouth series or individual films to help show decay, infection, bone condition.

Panoramic view showing entire upper and lower jaw and TMJs.

Diagnostic study casts (models of your teeth)

Up to two sets can be required, one as a baseline, the other for treatment planning.

Face bow measurement to customise models for jaw simulator (articulator)

Measurement for how teeth bite together.

Digital Photographic Images to evaluate aesthetics and condition of teeth and gums (diagnosis)

  • Series of intraoral views.
  • After your examination, I will:
  • Evaluate and study the above information
  • Consult with any specialists, if indicated
  • Make a specific diagnosis for your current condition
  • Design a blueprint for your care, (with diagnostic casts, if indicated)
  • Develop an individualised long-term treatment program and sequence

At your consultation appointment, we will:

  • Review all findings
  • Discuss your treatment recommendations and sequence
  • Give you a customised written report
  • Discuss all fees
  • Answer all questions to your satisfaction and understanding


Your dental health requires careful maintenance to ensure problem free long term function.

Depending on your general dental condition I will be recommend a specific recall interval ranging from 3-24 months which I feel appropriate for you.

I am very proud of the fact that a very large proportion of my patients are very good a keeping their teeth healthy and require only a yearly dental check and hygienist visit.

At your yearly maintenance visit I will review your medical history, complete a full soft and hard tissue screening, jaw joint and bite review, gum health check and record keeping. X-rays are taken only when appropriate.

We have found that our regular attendees have far less problems with their teeth than irregular attendees. We can discover and intervene with dental problems at an early stage keeping them simple and low cost.

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