What toothpaste should I use?


This is a frequent question and the answer is that with an effective brushing technique you don’t need toothpaste.

However brushing without toothpaste is not pleasant and not something I do or recommend you do on a regular basis.


Therefore you should:


  • Choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride as this has been shown to reduce dental decay.
  • Better still are those pastes which have triclosan and copolymer or triclosan and zinc citrate as well as fluoride.

Some specialist toothpaste contains higher levels of fluoride which is of particular use for children who are experiencing higher than average tooth decay.

Adults who suffer from dry mouth either through illness or as a result of certain medications find that they experience generally higher levels of tooth decay, especially around the roots of the teeth.

High fluoride toothpaste can help reduce this decay.

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